The beginning of Total Immortal began in the early months of November,
in 2001. Burt, BLaCKLaB, and TheSarge came together with the idea of
starting a 5v5 team. Since that time, we have gone from only playing
in the OGL league, to playing in STA Silver and TFL2a. Players came,
and players went, but the Total Immortal spirit stayed, until May '02.

BLaCKLaB decided to retire after spending way too much time playing
TFC. After he left, the Total Immortal team decided to disband and

The idea of the Total Immortal team ever coming back was nothing more
than a dead dream. Until, Burt and BLaCKLaB decided it was time to
bury the hatchet and start all over again. Total Immortal is back and
getting back into the swing of things. We have old school members and
a few new faces. We still, since the beginning, have a few things that
we as a team live by.. They are:

1: To have fun.
2: To play competively in whatever leagues we participate in.
3: To become widely recognized and respected by our fellow TFC clans.
4: To set an example of how TFC should be played.

Our roster comes from a group of people from clans like DoH, CSI, and
H2K, to mention a few, who love the game and just want to have some
good wholesome fun, alongside of being the biggest idiots alive. So
come on down and join us on irc for some good wholesome fun!