Yes we are a 5 v 5 TFC Team. This means that we require having players.
However, we are very selective on who we admit into our ranks. We only
allow some of the tip top players into our team *cough*. Hence our team is
under an "invite only" status.

Invite Only

inĚvite; Pronunciation: in-'vIt; Function: transitive verb
a : to request the presence or participation of
b : to request formally

onĚly; Pronunciation: 'On-lE; Function: adjective
a : unquestionably the best
b : alone in its class or kind

Now you ask, how does one get invited to the team? There are a few ways.
Get to know the people on the roster. Idle in our channel. Participate in our
pickups, hit the public servers with us. Eventually, if you rise to the status of
"invitable material," we will formally invite you to our server for an official
tryout. Until that day, we request that you do NOT PM any ops about getting
an invite. This will result in a !kb. Hopefully, all of this makes perfect sense,
if not go here