Here at Total Immortal, we believe in tradition. Hence we have our tradition of handing out
medals after each match to those who deserve it. Each medal is special in its own way
and the bearer of that medal should be very proud. Without futher ado, we present you
with the medal tradition of Total Immortal.

2.05.02: This award goes out to TheSarge. Yes he's a fag, yes he sucks but you know
what? Tonight he owned. For the first time in his life, I can honestly say he did a good job
(wvu sargie). He took up a defensive spot which he has never done before, so mad props
on that. Along with that he had the wonderful job of RR D on mulch_trench, not one of the
easiest maps so gg to you sarge. From now you shall be referred to as the Ramp Room Homo.

2.05.02: This award goes out to ChiK. She deserves this award for a couple of reasons.
She claimed that she wouldn't be playing with us steadily for awhile because of her new
"leet" engy guild but guess what? She lied. She hasn't missed a match yet and is still owning
just about everyone. Therefore, I bestow upon her the (per request of burt)
Wonder Woman Award. GJ ChiK, keep owning them.

1.11.02: This award goes to burt for his outstanding efforts as an incredible scout/medic. If
he didn't have the flag, he was owning SGs and their respective engies. GG burt, you will
now be known as the Fag with the Flag.

1.11.02: This award goes to jake for his magnificant performance on defense. While lab had
a thumb up his ass, jake prevailed. He earned this award hard and deserves every inch of it.
GG jake, you will now be known as the Defensive Dick.