Kevin and I met through mutual friends in high school. Kevin was a senior and I was a junior. We would meet up with groups of friends on Burlingame Avenue at Starbucks or watch one of Kevin's friends band play at Zappachinos. We have memories at either locations and it's always funny to look back on them now after 6 years. One memory that will always stay with me is when I ran into Kevin at Zappachinos and he asked if I wanted to play a round of foosball. I could never play foosball really well but I had a crush on Kevin, so of course I said yes. He proceeded to win several games and then leave with only saying good night.

I guess you could say I got him back later for that one. I'm talking about the summer Kevin came home to visit from college. It was one of the hottest summers ever and you became someone's best friend if you had a pool. My friend and I were trying to think who we could visit to cool off from the heat and Kevin came to her mind. His parents were generous enough to grant her access to their pool whenever she liked or so she said. Now mind you, Kevin and my friend dated our junior year of high school. If this allowed me any kind of access to see Kevin, I was going to do it. She called the house and Kevin answered. He was surprised to hear from her but agreed for us to come over. Unfortunately, he didn't even remember me. Once I mentioned the foosball incident, it all came back to him.

We swam in his pool for a good hour or so until his parents came home. They had never met me before so it was a little awkward. I talked with his mother for a while until his father suggested Kevin barbeque us all dinner. I was in heaven. This meant more time to spend with Kevin even if he didn't know how crazy I was about him. After dinner, I walked into the kitchen and started to take off my rings. I wore a ring on every finger at the time. I placed them all on the counter and began to wash the dishes. To my surprise, Kevin came in to help me and we started talking. I was so excited to spend time with him and didn't want to leave. Unfortunately, I had to go and we said our goodbyes. I didn't realize that I had left my rings still sitting on the counter. Kevin will protest till this day that I did that on purpose so he would have to call me. I never intentionally left them behind but maybe a part of me did.

The next day Kevin called and I stopped by to pick up my rings. We talked for a little while and then discussed what we had planned for the 4th of July. I invited him to join me with some friends at a party. He agreed to attend and the rest as they say is history. We spent the 4th of July just talking and getting to know one another. Even as the party was getting crazy, none of that mattered as we talked. Later that night as he dropped me off, he kissed me goodnight. He said he would call me the next day. That is the day we share now as our anniversary of the date we started our life together.